Talent acquisition

At BELMONTE TALENT we understand how important it is to know how to find the necessary Talent, how to previously define and understand the real need of the position to be covered, how to help our clients in this and how to plan an adequate search strategy.

These are the services we offer:


Through Headhunting processes we actively seek professionals from Senior Management, Managers, Intermediate Managers or highly specialized Technicians.

To have access to the best candidates is essential to have a strong and consolidated network of professionals and referents in all sectors to be able to identify them.

Headhunting searches are developed with tools resulting from successful cases in our company over years of experience and knowledge.
Our team and our network of associated consultants, extends internationally to cover all international projects.


In search processes of professionals of lower levels, we use an adhoc methodology to each position and we contribute, by our experience of more than 20 years, a deep knowledge of the labor market, multiple sectors and jobs, which allows us to reach the success in incorporating the professionals our clients need.

For this we have a team of experts and specialists with a proven track record in our sector.