Retirement and optimization of talent

At BELMONTE TALENT we understand how important it is to know how to find the necessary Talent, how to previously define and understand the real need of the position to be covered, how to help our clients in this and how to plan an adequate search strategy.

These are the services we offer:


The talent that a company is capable of recruiting is easily obsolete unless an adequate program for updating and improving it is planned and executed.

In BELMONTE TALENT we help our clients to foresee, define and satisfy their needs and develop projects tailored to the objectives they wish to achieve.

Our trajectory has taught us that companies need that their workforce not only be technically prepared, but at the same time be adaptable, empathetic, decisive, … that is, they need to develop different social, management, attitudinal, etc. competencies.

Therefore, the training actions, workshops and improvement groups that we pilot, respond to the real needs of the company and at the end of the applicability of the contents worked on is immediate.

We have a team of our own consultants and associated consultants experts in different functional areas and in different business sectors.

Professional development

One of the factors that worries our customers more every day is retaining the talent that has cost so much to achieve and update. And one of the aspects best valued by good professionals is the possibility of having a journey within the company, the possibility of learning, improving, promoting, in short, having a career in the medium to long term.

From BELMONTE TALENT we help to establish career plans and develop for the company a Promotion and Substitution Plan that ensures the maintenance and improvement of Talent acquired.

With this system the motivation, the enthusiasm, the perseverance and the capacity to manage moments of crisis are increased and we ensure the success of the projects since they will be led by people motivated and involved in the objectives.

Our expert consultants in Professional Development methodologies have specific experience and know-how to carry out this type of project.